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Welcome to Kinzua Veterinary Clinic

Welcome to Kinzua Veterinary Clinic

Welcome to Kinzua Veterinary ClinicWelcome to Kinzua Veterinary Clinic

Diagnostic Services

Digital Radiography


Our digital x-ray machine allows us to obtain and process an image in 7 seconds. Digital capabilities allow for sharper images that can be magnified. Contrast can also be manipulated to allow us to better differentiate subtle lesions. Digital images can easily be e-mailed to some of the best specialists and radiologists in the country allowing for quick consults without the need for long distance travel or large additional expenses. 

In-house Laboratory


Our in-house lab gives us the capability to perform urinalysis, a variety of blood chemistry panels, CBC, electrolyte panel, heartworm/Lyme/ehrlichiosis/anaplasmosis test, feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus test, T-4 thyroid level, coagulation panel, fecal floatation, and a variety of cytology tests.  on your pet. Results are quick and accurate - often within 15 minutes allowing our doctors to make a diagnosis on your pet and institute the proper treatment without delay. If additional diagnostics are needed, we use some of the best veterinary laboratories in the country to perform more involved tests. Diagnostic samples are shipped next day to Cornell University, Michigan State University, Idexx, and Antech Veterinary labs among others. 




Ultrasonography is available for further imaging of abdominal organs and to aid in obtaining urine samples via cystocentesis. Ultrasound is also useful in diagnosing pregnancy and determining fetal viability.