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   1. Inflammation of the colon characterized by frequent, straining diarrhea that may have blood or mucous in it.
   2. Colitis can be caused by many different entities including:

   1. Parasites
   2. Bacteria
   3. Virus
   4. Dietary
   5. Inflammatory Bowel Disease
   6. Food allergy
   7. Cancer
   8. Fungal

  •    1. Evaluating a fecal sample can be very important in diagnosing the cause of colitis.


  • Treat the underlying cause.
  • Feed a bland diet (cooked hamburger/chicken and boiled rice) for several days, then mix in with normal food for several more days - no other foods during this time.
  • Call if not improved in 1 - 2 days or if worsening.