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Parvo Virus PDF Print E-mail

Causes severe, life-threatening diarrhea in puppies.


    * Parvo virus (panleukopenia virus)


    * 6 weeks to 1 year of age most common
    * Rottweilers, Dobermans, and pitbulls are most susceptible


    * fecal - oral route - very contagious - animals do not need to leave home
    * infects crypt cells of the small intestine
    * water, electrolytes, & nutrients aren't absorbed well & the animal develops severe diarrhea


    * vomiting & diarrhea


    * leukopenia
    * fecal ELISA for antigen
    * abdominal rads -intussusception is a common consequence of parvo


    * supportive care
    * NPO until vomiting stops
    * fluids with vitamin K supplementation
    * plasma transfusion
    * broad spectrum antibiotics (iv)
    * bacterial infection is likely because of leukopenia
    * anti-emetics
    * glucose
    * treatment for concurrent GI parasites


    * husbandry
    * clean with diluted bleach (10 percent solution)
    * vaccination
    * MLV parvo vaccine
    * vaccinate every 3 weeks starting after 6 weeks of age w/the last vaccine occurring                 between 14 and16 weeks (24 weeks if it is an at risk breed)
    * don't vaccinate sick animals
    * vaccinate 2 weeks after cure