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Rabies is a reportable disease in the state of Pennsylvania.


    * Rhabdovirus



    * infected animals shed for about 5d & then die
    * virus is transmitted via

         1. saliva/bites
         2. eating infected animals
         3. mother infect young via her milk
         4. urine



    * rabies should be considered in any unvaccinated animal w/rapidly progressive neurologic       signs
    * paradoxical behavior
    * aggressive/furious stage
    * dumb stage

         1. incoordination, convulsion
         2. pharyngeal & masseter paralysis is common



    * fluorescent rabies antibody
      demonstrates rabies in the brain with or without negri bodies



    * vaccinate (killed)

         1. not considered immunized until 30d after vaccine
         2. 1st vaccine can be given @13 weeks
         3. all animals get 2nd vaccine 1 year later & then every 3 years



    1. animal bite to man

    * wild animal: euthanize animal & send head off
    * stray: see above
    * healthy vaccinated animal: quarantine for 10 days
    * healthy unvaccinated animal: may be euthanized or quarantined for 10 days
    * animal that develops signs of rabies during the 10 days should be euthanized

    2 . animal bite to animal

    * if unvaccinated: euthanize or isolate for 6 months & vaccinate 1month prior to release
    * if vaccinated: revaccinate immediately